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Mystical Gemstone Jewelry

SITARA INTERNATIONAL in San Francisco, California, offers a variety of handmade gemstone jewelry to match your mood and state of mind. All our jewelry comes with a gift box, and they are the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones!

Gemstones form within the earth and they carry living power imbued by the earth. We carry the following gemstone jewelry at our store: 

• Gemstones for Protection - We use both gemstones and crystals with strong spiritual qualities like snowflake obsidian, labradorite, onix, cat eye and jasper. These gemstones of protection guard against other people’s bad intentions and negativity. The gemstones also protect you from your enemies and misfortune. 

• Gemstones for Love - Find your true love by wearing these gems! These gemstones can rekindle the romance in your marriage. Gemstones like rose quartz, rhodonite, jade, jasper, moon gemstone and prehnite enhance your appeal and likeability. 

• Gemstones for Healing - Healing gemstones like agate and amazonite, aventurine, and amber repel evil and offer protection. Moonstone, citrine, and snowflake obsidian help with depression, and hematite has a magnetic quality that helps ease pain from a wide range of activities. 

• Gemstones for Wealth - Malachite is a gemstone that attracts wealth. Garnet, citrine, ametrine. jade, and fire opal also have the same effect. Aventurine is great for going to the casino or for general money concerns. 

• Gemstones for Good Luck - Amazonite and tiger eye bring luck and give you confidence, strength, and courage. Aventurine and jade also attract good fortune. 

• Gemstones for Peace - Hematite, Sodalite and Howalite are gemstones for encouraging peace. Pearl exudes femininity and helps you relax. Ocean white jade also has a calming effect. 

• Gemstones for Power - These gemstones provide vitality and strength. Carnelian, fire agate, blue quartz, and smoky quartz energize you. Fluorite and amethyst are also beautiful power gemstones.
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